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BCTC Recognized as PCI MPoC Evaluation Lab

Date: Jun-12-2023

National Fintech Evaluation Center (also well-known as “Bank Card Test Center”, hereinafter referred to as “BCTC”) has been recently recognized by PCI SSC as PCI Mobile Payment on COTS (hereinafter referred to as “MPoC”) evaluation lab, able to provide evaluation service to mobile device vendors and MPoC solution providers. The recognized lab sites include both BCTC Beijing and Shenzhen lab.

PCI MPoC is a new and flexible mobile payment solution development standard and procedure developed on the basis of PCI SPoC and CPoC programs to allow COTS payment providers to have more flexibility in process of acceptance, development, deployment and maintenance.

In recent years, EMVCo, PCI SSC and card schemes have worked together to build a certification framework on softPOS devices, specifying requirements from aspects of communication protocol, interoperability, kernel functionality and sensitive data protection, etc.. BCTC, as a leading lab, has been accredited for EMVCo COTS Level 1, PCI SPoC/CPoC/MPoC, UnionPay SoftPOS, Visa T2P, Mastercard ToP, Discover ToM, JCB ToM and Amex SoftPOS to support clients’ various testing and certification demands.

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