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BCTC Completes First Project of EMVCo 3DS Validation

Date: Dec-10-2022

BCTC has recently completed its first EMVCo 3DS server validation on Latvia vendor D8’s solution which has been approved for EMVCo 3DS v2.2.0.

BCTC was accredited for EMVCo 3DS validation in middle of this year. Since then, BCTC has been devoted to supporting 3DS solution providers, merchants, banks and card schemes to get EMVCo 3DS approval by utilizing automated, digital and customized testing procedures based on EMVCo qualified cloud-end testing platform which allows access of clients from all over the world.

By now, BCTC has been qualified to do validation against the latest version 2.2 and 2.3.1 of EMVCo 3DS Specifications and will keep the qualification up-to-date.

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