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BCTC Accredited by EMVCo for Full SBMP Evaluation

Date: Sep-6-2022

Bank Card Test Center (BCTC, Also well known as National Fin-tech Evaluation Center or NFEC) is recently accredited by EMVCo for Software-Based Mobile Payment Secure (hereinafter referred to as “SBMP”) approval as an evaluation service provider, to provide testing and evaluation service and security guarantee to mobile software accessory and module vendors.

In recent years, along with the worldwide rapid development of mobile payment, mobile devices such as handsets as a kind of payment carrier, are more and more active in online and offline transactions. However personal data security faces more risks while consumers are enjoying convenient payment.

To protect data security of mobile payment, EMVCo set up SBMP security evaluation program. For mobile transactions based on APP and mobile devices, SBMP products utilize the combination of various software accessories (such as SDK, SPT and white-box algorithm) and modules (such as SE and TEE) to fight against the potential security threats and build “multi-accessories plus multi-combinations” SBMP solutions.

SBMP evaluation target could be accessories or final products as listed below, and BCTC is accredited for full SBMP including the followings:

l  Trusted Execution Environment, TEE

l  Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method, CDCVM

l  Attestation

l  Software Protection Tools, SPT

l  Software Development Kits, SDK

l  Mobile APP

This SBMP accreditation is another milestone on the way of BCTC’s technical capability development. BCTC, as devoted to “one-stop” integrated test & evaluation service, keeps providing comprehensive and high-quality technical services in payment field.

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