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BCTC Launches "Barcode Payment Terminal" UnionPay Testing Service

Date: Jan-28-2022

UnionPay Certification Office recently issued the notice on the revision of "UnionPay Payment Terminal Security Technical Specification" and other related technical specifications and implementation rules for certification, which clarifies the technical requirements and implementation principles from the aspects of technical specifications and certification implementation.

National FinTech Evaluation Center (NFEC, also well-known as Bank Card Test Center or BCTC) has been cooperating with China UnionPay to upgrade and revise the specification of "UnionPay Payment Terminal Security Technical Specification", and has completed the upgrade of testing items simultaneously, which can carry out "barcode payment terminal" UnionPay testing services to the public.


Technical specifications revised content

This revision of "UnionPay Payment Terminal Security Technical Specification" mainly includes:

(a)     Newly added barcode payment acceptance terminal types and related requirements, including:

l  Add the definition of barcode payment acceptance terminal and update the definition of Quick Pass terminal. Distinguish the Quick Pass terminal from the barcode payment acceptance terminal.

l  Combining the situation of different forms of barcode payment acceptance terminals, newly added the corresponding hardware requirements, physical security requirements, logical security requirements, system security requirements, protocol security requirements, and management requirements.

l  According to the revised requirements of the barcode payment acceptance terminal, the contents of the testing requirements are revised simultaneously, and edit the scope of application of the testing requirements,.

(b)     Optimize payment terminal security requirements, including:

l  Optimizing the ability of terminals to trigger the protection mechanism’s status alerts.

l  Newly added restrictions on processing time for contactless online transactions and online ODA solutions.

l  Newly added terminal unique identification, geolocation information calling interface permission control requirements.

l  Simultaneously update the corresponding testing requirements.


Certification to implement the revised content

This certification implementation strategy revision mainly includes:

l  Rename "UnionPay Card Acceptance Terminal Equipment Security Certification" to "China UnionPay Payment Terminal Equipment Security Certification". The product certification object adds the type of barcode payment acceptance terminal.

l  Rename "UnionPay card acceptance terminal product enterprise qualification certification" with "China UnionPay payment terminal product enterprise qualification certification", and the enterprise certification object adds barcode payment acceptance terminal production enterprises.

l  Since January 1, 2022, the qualification of barcode payment acceptance terminal products and enterprises has been carried out.

Relevant enterprises can apply for certification on the official website of UnionPay Certification ( and can contact BCTC for testing after the certification application is approved.

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