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NFEC Officially Acquired CSA STAR Certification Qualification

Date: Jan-24-2022

NFEC (Shenzhen National FinTech Evaluation Center, a subsidiary of BCTC in China) was officially accredited by CSA STAR certification qualification.

CSA STAR certification is an international certification for cloud computing security. The certification focuses on the implementation status and management capability of cloud computing service information security, mainly based on the security management requirements of ISO 27001 management system standard, combined with Open Certification Framework (OCF) and Cloud Control Matrix (CCM), to assess the security level of cloud services and measure the security control capabilities of cloud service providers.

In the future, NFEC will provide CSA STAR certification services for the cloud computing industry. NFEC is committed to helping cloud computing service vendors to improve their information security protection capabilities, ensure the security and reliability of cloud services purchased by consumers, and promote the high-quality development of the cloud computing industry.

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