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BCTC Partners with Bank of China on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Testing Project

Date: Dec-3-2021

Recently, National FinTech Evaluation Center (NFEC, also well-known as Bank Card Test Center or BCTC) completed the artificial intelligence algorithm testing project. The object of testing is a random forest-based SWIFT message classification algorithm developed by the Bank of China. Tests include 4 parts: security, interpretability, accuracy, and performance.


The financial industry is the main area where artificial intelligence algorithms are applied, and it is also an industry that requires high security and interpretability of artificial intelligence algorithms. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms is also an important tool to help financial institutions realize the transformation of their operating models.


Relying on technical research results and testing foundations in the field of artificial intelligence, BCTC continues to launch technical evaluation and consulting services for the industry, comprehensively evaluating and testing the security, interpretability, accuracy, and performance of artificial intelligence algorithm financial applications. BCTC will jointly promote the standardized application of artificial intelligence in the financial field.


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